About Virginia


Being a Nomad

I love to wander the Earth, exploring and going on adventures! When we were 10 years old my cousin and I flew to Italy to stay with our cousins during summer. At 12 years old I flew to America on my own to stay with my relatives for a month! Ive travelled and backpacked solo around many countries and continents including a lot of Europe, Australia for two years working and travelling, Thailand many times, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and I worked and lived In Glasgow for three years before returning to the homeland in 2017! 

Travelling the world was a great experience, one i cherish and hope to continue in going to India in the near future!


Like many others, anxiety and depression were regular visitors in my life from a very young age. I worked in the hospitality industry as a chef for over ten years in Ireland, Scotland and Australia which did nothing for my mental health.  I made continuous bad choices with my health, abusing drugs and alcohol and allowing myself to wallow. 

During my twenties and thirties i found myself in abusive relationships, mentally, emotionally and physically and have had my heart broken more times than I want to count. I lost my Granny Molly in 2017 who was like a second mother to me and who lived in our family home. She was due home only days from when she passed. I miss her more and more each day. 


Through the other side of pain, grief and heartache I needed to do something;

Going to the gym lacked appeal when feeling anxious and depressed, especially at the end of a bad breakup, one which left me all but abandoned. Then a yoga class popped up on the gym time-table...turned out it was Katie Duggans class! With only very basic knowledge of yoga and zero experience at the time, I decided to give it a go and absolutely fell in love with Katies yoga classes. I practiced at home daily and felt such a huge difference in my attitude, my mood, my sleep. My nervous system finally took a breath! I couldn't believe I hadn't started Yoga sooner (My only regret).

After months of daily Yoga practice l began to slowly ween myself off prescribed anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. I kept doing Yoga and I felt so alive again! I'm now medication free since then and I wouldn't have been able to do that without Yoga. (I also checked with my Doctor while I weened off mediacations and did so under their guidance only)

The transformation has been undeniable so far and I'm forever grateful for the continued growth ever since. My relationships have improved, not just with others but with myself more importantly. I manage my stress better and have better control over anxiety and can navigate sadness more effectively and mindfully than i once did. I feel more grounded and more at ease. 

Yoga has not only become an invaluable tool to me in a lifelong battle against anxiety, depression, loneliness and grief, but has been vital for my physical fitness of mind, body and soul helping and guiding me to feeling an overall sense of well-being and true happiness from within! 

Life will always throw us lemons, it's up to you how you want to handle it!

Becoming a Teacher:

Journeying deeper in to my practice, I endeavoured to shine the light of yoga for all those who wish to help themselves and so enrolled in the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course at Golden Glow Yoga College under the wisdom, care and guidance of Grand Master Sri Radha (Dr. Sharon O' Neill) I have now completed  an advanced teacher training course (300 hour at GGYC).

My intention is to continue to grow and evolve so that i can serve others who want the same. Offering guidance in a knowledgeable and compassionate way along your own individual journey, encouraging you to enjoy all the benefits a regular yoga practice has to offer, while giving you the freedom and space to take what you need from your practice and live a more balanced, healthier, happier life, what ever that means to you. 

Love & Light 

Virginia Giani