As is the case with any physical activity, the risk of injury is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. You affirm that you alone are responsible to decide whether to practice yoga.

All new clients are required to sign the  Waiver Form

Always check with your GP if you're not sure a Yoga practice is right for you. 

It is your responsibility to inform Yoga with Ginni of any illnesses, injuries or conditions prior to class. 


Yoga with Ginni prohibits discrimination, judgment, and harm on the basis of another’s: ability, body size, age, skin tone, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, political affiliation, religion, education level, citizenship, family dynamic, or lived experience.


Class Etiquette

  • Please arrive just 5 minutes before class to get settled in. 
  • Please remove your footwear before entering all indoor class settings and leave footwear neatly
  • Please put your phone / watch on silent
  • Please do not arrange to leave early. Savasana is the most important part of your practice! If you do need* to leave early please inform us beforehand and leave with minimal disruption
  • Please do not come to class while sick
  • Be respectful of the teachers time after class at rented facilites, if you have a query it's best to contact by email or text where possible


Booking Policies:

Bookings can be made via the online booking system up to 1 hour before the class. Payment is required at time of booking.


Class Blocks

Class Blocks are non refundable and the times and dates cannot be changed or exchanged. If you miss a class it is your responsibility. 

Cancellation of Weekly Classes:

We understand that sometimes you can't make it to your booking, however we would appreciate some notice for cancellations.

We can provide credit up to 48 hours in advance. You can chose another class to attend the following week subject to availability.

We do not guarantee, imply or suggest you will receive a refund, full or part after this given time.

Cancellation of Yoga With Ginni Events including workshops, cacao ceremonies, day retreats, outdoor events, etc:

Events cancelled two weeks prior to the event date will be given a 70% refund. 

We do not guarantee, imply or suggest you will receive a refund, full or part within two weeks of an event. 

Overnight Retreats:

Early bird payments are non refundable* please ensure you can attend before booking.

Early Bird Rates require full payment at time of booking.

Overnight retreats are booked by email or direct message and through bank transfer*

To cancel your retreat booking you must give miniumum 2 weeks notice before Retreat begins. A 50% refund may be given in this case only.


Cancellation of Collaborative Events: 

Non refundable.

Non transferable.

(Please email directly if you have an extreme case, we can discuss) However this does not imply any guarantee you will receive a refund, or part there of. 

Other Information:

We do not guarantee that the website is always up to date. Every effort is made that all relevant information is provided for you but this cannot be guaranteed.

We reserve the right to cancel, postpone or cease classes, events and collaborations And will give as much notice as possible. 

We reserve the right to ask you to leave or step outside for a moment if you are disruptive in a class setting.

Business Hours:

If you need to contact us by phonecall please do so only between 9am - 5pm