Chakra Balancing Oil


Reiki infused Chakra balancing essential oil blend in roller ball glass bottle by BeeBerry Soaps


There are seven main chakras within the body, these are; Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root.

Essentail oils 

We know the amazing power that essential oils can have on the body, mind and soul to achieve homeostasis and this can be adapted to support the chakras. As with any aromatherapy practice, there are several ways you can work with oils, such as oil blends for massage, use of oils in a diffuser or perhaps a pulse point roller ball, this may depend on the Chaka you are trying to balance.

These Bottles come in a handy roller bottle you can bring in your handbag and use on the go (rub on wrists and simply inhale) Perfect to bring along to your Yoga class and enjoy while in Savasana. 

An instruction card comes with your package.


One 10 ml glass colourful roller bottle. All charkras balancing. Each bottle comes with a card showing essential oils for each chakra 

Base Oil

Olive oil ,Fractionated Coconut oil, sweet Almond oil, jojoba oil


Always do a patch test and wait 24 hours* In the unlikely event any irritation occurs discontinue use.